96 Years of Service to Needy Filipino Amerasians


In 1913, within the first fifteen years of US colonial presence, the American Mestizo Protective Association was founded to assist abandoned or destitute part-American children in the Philippines.


PAGA’s early founders observed first-hand the difficulties faced by some of the 18,000 Filipino American mestizos already in the colony by the early 1920s. They tried to improve their lot by marshaling the support of government and of charitable organizations.


PAGA was founded

As part of this effort, they founded PAGA in 1921 with the mandate to protect and care for needy Filipino Amerasian children fathered by American military or civilian men.


During its 95 years of existence, PAGA has held true to its original charter. During the past decades, PAGA has extended its activities to provide a wide variety of vital services to its beneficiaries. The organization’s Board of Trustees is committed to helping more Filipino Amerasian children improve their lives.

The years ahead hold wonderful opportunities for education and employment for PAGA youth, as the organization expands its roster of beneficiaries. The organization is dependent for its services on contributions from the larger community, and is creating plans for expanding its service area beyond Metro Manila to the provinces in need such as Pampanga, Zambales, and Palawan.